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This week's SOD features an interview with James Scott.

When EJ learns that Rafe and Sami have broken up, he rethinks his feelings for Sami. James Scott says that EJ is "conflicted". Scott continues that "It's hard to hate somebody you love. But it's easy at the same time. But you don't want to hate them and you hate yourself for wishing you didn't hate them." He says it's "very confusing" and that there are "multiple layers".

Scott tells SOD that Will is the one to tell EJ that Sami and Rafe have split. Will is happy that Rafe is moving out. Scott says that for many people, "Rafe is playing the hero", but for EJ this doesn't fit "because Rafe broke into his house and spied on his family". Scott continues that while Sami had a reason to keep Grace from him, Rafe didn't.

EJ goes to Grace's grave, and Lexie sees him there and overhears him talking to himself about Sami. Scott says "he does still love her", but after EJ tells Lexie he still has feelings for Sami, EJ goes home and tells Nicole how much he loves her. Scott says that "there's a pattern that emerges with EJ, Sami and Nicole", which is that when EJ "has some kind of experience emotionally", it makes him realize he may have feelings for Sami.

SOD then asks Scott about Nicole's feelings. Scott says that Nicole has a reason to be insecure, "in the same way that [EJ] has reason to be insecure every time she leaves the house", because Nicole "isn't exactly forthcoming" on where she's going or who she's going to talk to. Scott concludes, "There's a lot on both sides of the track here. It's a dim relationship. Let's be honest - it ain't going nowhere!"

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