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Aug 5 2009, 10:00 AM
I watched yesterday's episode and it was really good - I am almost shocked lol!

I only restarted watching on Friday so could someone please explain to me why Carlo was shot? Also where did Ari and drugs come from? Thats kinda left field...
Carlo actually was on the show a few times in May during the Dimera/Kiriakis stuff. It was a bit out of left field but given Carlo was handling some business on the pier, these things happen. They clearly did it to make Philip once again question his life but also to make him realize Stephanie was right to leave him, therefore leaving him open to move on...for now at least.

Arianna and the drugs has had buildup. We only learned last week about the drug aspect but there had been hints of things with her and she started getting mysterious phone calls at a few weeks ago.
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