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This week's SOD and SOW feature interviews with Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso and Ken Corday about Bo and Hope's story.

Corday explains to SOD that "Bo and Hope's story is in three phases, and this is the kickoff of the first phase." Corday continues that "the important factor here is what this does to their relationship and how it changes."

Bo and Hope drop Ciara off at a carnival with a family friend, Ellen, and Ellen's daughter Tracy. Alfonso says that "Hope's a nervous Nelly" because Ciara's at the carnival, and Hope tells Justin that Ciara is growing up and "trying to find her independence and she's becoming a little Hope". Meanwhile, however, Bo has what Reckell calls a "disturbing vision" of finding Ciara's teddy bear in the woods. Reckell says, "Bo's had this vision before, and it freaked him out so much that he put Tommy Bear away. At this moment, he thinks Tommy Bear is away in the closet."

Because of his vision, Bo calls Ellen to check on Ciara, and Ellen tells Bo that Ciara has disappeared. Bo and Hope panic and rush to the carnival. At first, Bo and Hope think Ciara wasn't kidnapped, but then little Tracy tells them that a man gave Ciara a lollipop at a birthday party, and this man was also at the carnival. Bo and Hope put things together and realize what's going on.

A witness tells Bo and Hope that a little girl was seen getting in to a car with some people. Abe later tells Bo that a car matching that description has been found by the river, but there is no sign of Ciara.

Reckell says that as Bo and Hope are dealing with this, "Hope is really crumbling", and Bo tells her to be strong and that they'll find Ciara. Alfonso says that Bo and Hope are both thinking of Zach at this moment, and that it's almost too much to think about, that they could lose not one but two children. Alfonso says that Bo and Hope try to stay in "cop mode" and concentrate on finding Ciara, since as cops they know that when a child is kidnapped, "the law of averages is not for the child."

SOD's article concludes with Reckell's discussing the fact that this is his first "child in peril" (as SOD puts it) story since the birth of his daughter Loden. He says that he has to keep reminding himself that "this is pretend", since it's very difficult for him.

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