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Aug 5 2009, 12:38 PM
Ugh. Rafe is such a DOUCHE.

Sami's not allowed to ask him anything about his past just to confirm he's not some crazy murdering psycho because he's already done so much to protect her and her kids? Um, the witness protection shit was your job. Sorry, you don't get a medal for that. Oh and bang up job protecting Grace, dude. Not only is that baby gone, but thanks your phony adoption scam Sami lost custody temporarily of Johnny because of the fight you caused between EJ and Sami and also you've led to Sami being estranged from her other son, Will. Some hero.
I did not agree with the decision for Rafe to adopt Grace, BUT Sami decided not to tell EJ about Grace when she went to the Ejole wedding and heard about the hit on Philip. At that time Rafe was packing for the airport. It was Sami's secret to tell EJ not Rafe's.

EJ was mad that Grace was named after Rafe - again nothing to do with Rafe he was surprised by it. That was Sami's idea. I agree with Roman that Rafe's part in the lies almost cost Sami her sons but his heart was in the right place and he was trying to support Sami in what she wanted to do and protect her and Grace from a man who was arranging assassinations and kidnappings at the time.
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