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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: EJ says, "I still love Sami!"
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Thank you Alligato. I can't understand why EJ allegedly still loves Sami. She spent months making it clear that she loved Lucas, not him. Then when Lucas wasn't available, she slept with him only to go chasing after Lucas when he showed up. Then she decides he's too dangerous to be a father (though not to dangerous to marry, live with, raise two kids with and sleep with) and keeps her pregnancy a secret and gets another man to adopt Grace only to tell him the truth AFTER she died. What, in any of that, screams "I love you, EJ?" I maybe can understand that a part of EJ understands why Sami did what she did, but that's a far cry from giving me any reason to understand why he "still" loves her.

And since I've never believed Sami actually loved EJ, this relationship is doubly fucked up. I wonder which random Salemnite will be the next to be charged with the duty of talking about how much Sami loves EJ. Probably Father Matt.
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