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Aug 5 2009, 12:31 PM
I don't think this casting had anything to do with Terrell's acting abilities. She was brought on as Arianna for Max and as a replacement for Chelsea. I'm sure Terrell screen tested with Darin Brooks. Unfortunately, Brooks left as Max and Arianna was unevenly matched with Brady. There was no chemistry between Terrell and Martsolf, despite what some people on here thought. Corday and Tomlin had to have noticed and when it apparent that Brady and Arianna would be the end game couple, maybe because of Arianne Zucker's upcoming maternity departure and that would stop any Brady and Nicole pairing, they decided to go along with Hartley, given her past with acting oppostie both Martsolf and Gering. It'll be interesting to see if lightening strikes twice like DAYS is hoping happens. I have my doubts.

But I think it's ridiculous that some of the same posters that used to praise Terrell and talk about how she's decent, now all of a sudden claim she's lacking talent or holding up production. Where was all of this speculation just a few weeks ago before Hartley's news broke? There was none.

I'll miss Terrell. She was a good actress, but was just in a sucky role with a sucky pairing. Hopefully Hartley will come onto the show and give something to the Brady and Arianna pairing, and that'll probably be it, because I doubt the writing for Arianna will change and she'll still be a boring character played by a different actress. It's the pairing of Brady and Arianna that will make the character interesting, not the actress.
I believe this is the main reason too, but sometime itīs really noticable how rare the use Arianna even in the scenes where it would make much more sense. I mean, was there any reason why it was Mel and not Ari who got locked with Brady in the Kiriakis mausoleum? That scene was classic DAYS setup for future couples to get closer and even if I really like Mel and Brady together as friends, it was really weird and kind of pointless they put Mel with him instead. Adn when Chloe got sick, again, it was Mel who was there for him. And we know from MB she will soon pair with Brady yet again.

It seems all the potentionaly poignant and importand scenes where Ari and Brady could really get to know each other are given to him and Mel while Ari and Brady had two months of bumping into each other awkwardness and Melanie trying to jumpstart their relationship with no real reason except using MB funny personality to show Ari in better light.

FT was a newbie and the show could use her as much as it likes so itīs weird her scenes are so limited, especially if Brady is a potential leading character of the show, Eric Martsolf is a first class hunk and the show would certainly benefited from him being in a strong, popular, passionate couple.
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