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Sami and Rafe split will be short I'm sure. They will have to write Sami as mentally ill to return to a relationship with EJ after all that crazy shouting and screaming and wishing continual suffering on her that he has done and he's smashing up Grace's gravestone in tomorrow's eppy. :omg:

Sami asked him if he wanted any say in the funeral arrangements and he said no, so he should never be disturbing the grave now. :shame: Isn't that a criminal offence? Sami and EJ don't need any 'intelopers' as some like to call Rafe and Nicole - they are doing quite well staying apart without any outside interference. Sami has some choice words to say about EJ on Thurs because of what he does to Grace's grave. :shithitfan:

Manda, I watched the scene, and now I can answer. EJ destroyed the old headstone, not the new one that he put on Grace's grave. His hurt over what Sami did to him has not passed. Keeping the existence of a child from a parent that you know is loving, having the new boyfriend adopt the child, and then letting the real parent know about it after the said child dies is low and extremely hurtful. IMO what Sami did to EJ is unforgivable, but we all know that he will forgive her in time. EJ held Sami in the highest regard and only moved on because she rejected him countless of times and told him to, so what she did tore him apart. He wants her to suffer as he is suffering. He still loves her....

I'm looking forward to Sami and EJ's interraction. If nothing else, it will make for a good episode with great acting. I love any scenes between those two. Must see TV.
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