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Aug 5 2009, 12:31 PM
But I think it's ridiculous that some of the same posters that used to praise Terrell and talk about how she's decent, now all of a sudden claim she's lacking talent or holding up production. Where was all of this speculation just a few weeks ago before Hartley's news broke? There was none.
It was never brought up by many because she had hardly any material beyond typical "everyday" scenes of fluff. Only over the last few weeks has she seen actual meaty material with the whole mystery with her and the drugs and her romance with Brady heating up. That is why I think the show didn't see that she wasn't working until only recently. You can't tell until you see how much talent and potential is there and in the past few weeks her limitations have been exposed.

Personally, I like Felisha. I think she would've been fine with Darin Brooks and I think your right that alot of this has to do with the long-term plan changing but I also think there is more to it then that and not just the whole banking on Lindsey and Eric's chemistry. I do think her inexperience was a factor and Corday's line about efficiency screamed that she was holding back production. It's speculation but that was what I read it as.

Anyway, I've seen people bring up issues with her acting. I've brought it up a few times too. I'm not posting as often as I used to so perhaps my posts on the issue weren't seen but I posted alot about my issues with Terrell in the initial Lindsey Hartley thread and even mentioned how she was adding nothing to her scenes a few weeks ago and how her chemistry with Eric was forced. I agree with Jane in that I'm puzzled too as to why they didn't use Arianna rather then Melanie a few times since they had already started interacting Brady with Arianna so it would've been better buildup then all the bumping into each other scenes. For some reason, they didn't do it.

Terrell wasn't bad. She proved she could handle everyday stuff ok and I think she can do snarky too. I remember a snarky line she had about Chloe at the Pub back in May. She has potential but I think she just didn't work with Eric Martsolf nor did she seem to fit with where the character was going. The more material she's gotten, the more obvious it's become IMO that she just isn't a good fit.

However, Felisha Terrell was pretty good today IMO. Yesterday she was just lifeless and a mess but today she was at ease and added some charm to her scenes with Brady. I guess she's just very hit or miss. Perhaps it depends on the direction she gets. I just think this is a good move but we'll see.
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