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Aug 5 2009, 09:33 PM
Aug 5 2009, 09:20 PM
RAFE is proctecting her from his past but no one that is not a SAFE person can see that because they fast forward threw everything.Something bad happen in his past and he is worried it will happen again because of what happen to emily.I think it had something to do with the FBI.He is not leaving salem or Sami he loves her to much.
He has never been my way or the highway.But I can see how that is how it looks to the Ejami fans.
But you dont' see the Ejami fans talk about all the stuff Ej did to Sami.RAFE has done nothing but protect SAMI even when she didn't want it.In time RAFE will tell SAMI more about his past but right now she has enough to deal with.With the lose of GRACE and now this stuff going on with Lucas and Chloe.
SAMI love RAFE not Ej.She has never loved Ej.She has stated that more times then I can count.Like she said in the police station when EJ make the comment about her being so madly in love with RAFE. When she stated that he is a hell of lot better man then any other man that she thought she was so madly in love with over the past few years and that was including Ej.
Actually, believe it or not, I don't fast forward through any of it. I watch the whole show...all the way through. EJole, Lumi, Safe, Danloe, Philanie, etc... I may not enjoy it all, but I watch it and my opinions are based on what I've seen play out on screen or what the characters tell us happened off screen. (which sucks...but for whatever reason, that's the way they choose to do things)

From what I've seen, everytime the going gets rough for Rafe...Rafe gets going. He's all about insisting that Sami tell him every aspect of her life - where she goes, who she talks to on the phone, etc. But how dare she ask legitimate questions about his life - present or past. In truth, I don't think the writers will go here because I don't think GG has the acting chops to pull it off...but Rafe's controlling yet elusive behavior certainly could seem to be setting up an abusive relationship story. Dude needs to take a step back and get over himself. I mean...seriously? He's jealous and suspicious over a phone call from Sami's FATHER? And confronts him about it? Very, very controlling...and so not attractive.

Rafe won't be written as dark and abusive and it won't be because of Galen's acting abilities. It is not called for in the chacter of Rafe. EJ is the abusive and controlling one....I mean poor Nicole...'Where have you been?' she can't leave the house without the third degree. What other character screams at his wife at the top of his lungs? What other character goes into meltdown and histrionics when he hears of bad news or betrayal be it personal or business related? That is the EJ character. That is not the Rafe character which is why I like him.

Some like me don't like dark, spiteful or cruel - but it's fine that some do. We don't need two of anything on this show. I am glad that Rafe is silent or walks away rather than call Sami every name under the sun, threaten her and say abusive cruel things. Rafe is a good guy I hope the writers keep him that way, just like EJ needs to stay dark as James plays that much better than EJ's attempts at 'grey' last year to get into Sami's good books - fat load of good it did him anyway she still continued to treat him like crap - whereas she is showing Rafe love or vomiting love all over Rafe as someone said in another thread all the time - what a contrast! :wow: Safe will be back together soon - they won't be able to stay apart. Too much love has been declared by both of them over the last 6-weeks for them to be over. :wub: Looking forward to the make up scenes and make up sex already! :jedi:
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