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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Aug 6 2009, 11:18 AM
Aug 6 2009, 09:43 AM
Too much love has been declared by both of them over the last 6-weeks for them to be over. :wub:

So it's the long term aspect of their love story that means they are headed for happily ever after?
Sorry - I'm really not trying to pick a fight - but that particular part of your post really sticks out to me - probably for the opposite reason you intended.

I agree we clearly don't all share the same opinion, and how boring would this place be if we did? But you've sort of hit the nail on the head for me with that statement. The Safe luv story has been just a little too easy and way too predictable. In my opinion, they have completely stripped Sami of many of the things I love about her. Watching her fawn all over Rafe, and resorting to begging and pleading every time he manages to change his expression enough to look pissed is a waste of the spit fire, feisty character that Sami used to be. I absolutely hate that she has to take on this Stepford persona in order to maintain a relationship with this guy. Every single time she does anything remotely to aggravate him he bails and she chases. Or lately, he bails, she bawls and then we have Sami's new BFF Nicole come on the scene to offer a shoulder to cry on. WTF????? Who ARE these people?

And to be fair, I feel the same way about Nicole. I've always enjoyed her character - until they put her with EJ and we're getting the same result. He huffs and he puffs and she snivels and whines. It's not attractive on either one of them. I know many will disagree with me, but EJ never treated Sami like he does Nicole - perhaps because Sami wouldn't stand for it. So now we have all three of these characters being written as so much weaker and less enjoyable than they really are.

I think it's such a shame and I am SO ready to get on with it and find all three of them in better stories than they are in right now.
It's interesting that you see that the Safe love story has been easy and predictable but that comment is in conflict with the fact that you say that Sami has not been 'in character' and therfore by extension unpredictable to enable this story to play out. They have almost broken up too many times to count, they have had the death of Grace which everyone predicted was definitely going to destroy them, they now have Stephano working against them with Meredith and they are being pulled apart again. I don't see it as being easy for them at all and obviously there is a lot more angst to come for Safe because Meredith is coming back. What would be the point of her return unless Safe do not remain apart?

I think they are trying to redeem the Nicole character with her helping Sami to see Johnny, and now comforting Sami etc but I also think these 'good works' of Nicole may be to justify what might be a 'tamer' response from Sami about the baby switch than some might predict. Yes she's going to be angry and mad but she may have some compassion because of Nicole's 'good' deeds like warning her the headstone had changed. I can hardly wait to hear what Nicole says to comfort Sami about Rafe leaving as she was the one who set Stephano onto them in the first place. And as for happily ever after? Unlikely unless thry are being written off the show. :tounge: But won't Sami be due another wedding soon? :lol: :lol:
The predictability stems from the fact that it was made clear before GG made his first appearance on the show that he was being brought on to pair with AS. It was never a secret - we all knew where this was heading prior to day one. So they have been completely predictable. Right down to the cutesy scenes of stealing clothes from each other in the 'safe' house, arguing over the TV and later the dog painting. Predictably boring. You're right that Sami has not been written in character of the Sami of old - but they've been attempting to turn her into a Brady heroine, ala Marlena, since her last go round with Lucas. So again...Sami paired with Rafe is a redux of Sami paired with Lucas. Lily white and predictable - a waste of the character. Now let me be clear, though - Sami wasn't always so marginalized with Lucas - just in the last go round.

I see Rafe's role on the show as a place holder. He's there to give Sami something to do while we wait for this endless baby story to finally come to it's conclusion...and Lord knows, that can't come soon enough for me. So in the meantime they are writing in all of these 'obstacles' for Safe which end up throwing both characters under the bus. How many times have we heard Rafe declare his love for Sami and promise her he's not going anywhere - only to turn around and storm out the next time she brings up his past? It makes him look like a control freak. :shrug:

If they go down the route of having Sami take a 'softer' approach to Nicole when it hits the fan because Nicole has been 'nice' to her these past few weeks I can only imagine the outraged reaction from fans. Given their history and knowing that Nicole not only stole her baby, but allowed her to bury and grieve for a child that wasn't hers and then parade around town waving Sami's daughter under her nose? I expect a royal Sami smack down like nothing we've ever seen before. The fans are at the very least owed a huge payoff once this story wraps - and Nicole's recent Mother Theresa tendencies are not even a band aid on the gaping hole she's put in both Sami and EJ's hearts.
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