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Aug 6 2009, 11:40 AM
Oh, I agree with you on most of that. But again, ALL of that occurred before EJ began working toward becoming the man he needed to be in order to earn Sami's love and trust. Before he had the Christmas Eve talk with Tony. Before he chose to turn over his father to the authorities and help set John free.

He spent months committing himself to being a better man, for Sami and for the twins. And those months are what led up to them finally having the talk about 12/29 and then making love - conceiving Sydney in the process. So Sami choosing to hide her pregnancy from him should have had nothing to do with all the things you listed because she (and many others) repeatedly defended EJ and talked about him 'not being that man anymore'.
Well, just because she and others said it, didn't mean it was true.

But, that aside, I'm not defending Sami in any way in any of this. My point is that she knew his history, whether she believed he had changed or not. She knew exactly what he was capable of and yet chose to have unprotected sex with guy. That he turned out to be exactly who he had always been was no big surprise. She should have known he could fake being nice and charming since he did it for the first several months she knew him. Given all that her sudden fear of him as the big bad DiMera who couldn't be told about his child was ridiculous.
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