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Nicole Dimera
Aug 6 2009, 12:15 PM
Well IMO real Sami Brady never would have slept with him in the first place. This man threatened her child's life we know how Sami is about her kids and hurt her family there is no way in hell Sami would ever forgive that or even sleep with EJ, that was the rewrite and that is when Sami became POD Sami and not true to her character. I feel like she was destroyed in this story when she was put in the middle of a triangle with a guy that has terrorized not only her but her entire family in Salem. I also don't think Sami has truly forgiven EJ, I think she wanted to for Johnny's sake but deep down I think she treats him like shit because of what he has done in the past. He gets no real respect from her and she doesn't care at all. Honestly it's probably karma biting him in the azz for all the things he did to her and her family. I think EJ is stuck obsessing over Sami forever while she treats him like shit and loves other men maybe that's his punishment, sucks to be him.
Also Sami does not like the real EJ! She want's him to be someone else, not himself! If he is crazy enough to want to go there again he has real self esteem problems. Sami will never accept the real EJ. She wants a good man who will get on with her family and keep her feeling safe and secure. EJ is not 'good' he is vengeful and unforgiving. He's the Dimera heir now with Tony gone. Even if EJ turned on his dad -Stephano wouldn't take that lying down. He'd probably kidnap Johnny and groom him to take over on some secret Island until he was 25 and could come home and take over the empire. And Sami would hate EJ if Johnny was ever taken away or disappeared.

Sami doesn't want Rafe to change and be a different kind of man she just wants him to tell her about Emily and his past and be more open - there is a real difference. Sami loves the man that he is. :wub:
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