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Aug 6 2009, 12:43 PM
Nicole Dimera
Aug 6 2009, 12:22 PM
I totally expect Sami to go off on Nicole but I do wonder why the writers even had Nicole helping Sami if it wasn't going to come into play down the road.
I totally agree! Nicole is being written as a complex and layered character who isn't just plain evil and wants everyone else to be unhappy - actually she's really doesn't seem to want to be the only happy one any more - particurlarly since Grace's death left Sami with no baby to love. OK she is not sorry enough to just come clean.....but she is being eaten away by guilt. And for what? EJ his so rude to her a lot of the time.....
I love this Nicole and this is how I remember her when she first came to town, then she became cartoonish. She was such a caricature when she first came to town last year and now she is such an interesting character. She knows what the right things to do are but due to her strong sense of self preservation due to her upbringing she's able to justify all her sins. Nicole was never a monster. and the writing is allowing her to show that she's a flawed person but she's no psychopath--she's able to empathize others' pain. I for one am rooting for Sami and Nicole to become "friends". I believe this friendship more than I do Chloe and Nicole. The writing has flowed this way (the sami nicole "friendship") naturally and it makes it less obvious what Sami's reaction is going to be once the reveal happens.

I'm also glad Nicole has dropped the slinky sex kitten routine, it didn't suit Ari. Nicole being maternal and nurturing with selfishness and greed thrown in there is a much better fit.
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