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Aug 5 2009, 01:58 PM
Aug 5 2009, 01:38 PM
"Chloes life is in Lucas' hands"

We've got a 'pull te plug' angle to the story.This is probably where Chloe's dad enters the picture probably to fight Lucas' decision
That's exactly what I was thinking . . . well, I hadn't gotten to the part of thinking Craig was there to challenge it. But yeah, clearly Lucas must have a decision to make, which is kind of interesting in light of the other spoiler that Chloe does have some brain activity. Although I hate Lucloe with the fire of ten thousand suns, I am actually interested to see how this plays out.

Thanks for posting, Angie!
Craig will doubtless fight Lucas tooth and nail, but Nancy should be there for this one.

And then there's the Kate factor... I can just picture her telling Lucas to do the right thing for Chloe by letting her go. Evil biatch. I don't care for Chloe and Daniel at all, but Kate's been getting on my last nerve.
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