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Aug 6 2009, 03:07 PM
Aug 6 2009, 02:51 PM
Aug 6 2009, 02:35 PM
Please get Melanie out of that damn uniform! What hospital still has candystripers? They're called volunteers now. Throw her a polo and khakis or scrubs and let her wear that. She looks ridiculous in that red and white striped uniform.
Now, Drew, you know we are in the minority on this! Melanie is a beloved new character who has captured everyone's hearts and minds with her carefree spirit! The candy stripper outfit is meant to showcase that and in no way make her appear to be the young, bratty teenager she actually is!
I am one who likes Melanie (provided MB doesn't give anymore crappy performances like the saying goodbye to Max scene) and like her with the older characters but I agree she looks 12 years old in that old fashioned uniform.
That's me, too. A fan of hers who hates the outfit. Pretty boring show today. I'm already sick of the hot and cold nel relationship and it hasn't even started. It's going to take a long time for Melanie to overcome her childhood, but we don't need to hear that conversation every time she tries to go on a date. I just hope Mel realizes Nathan is still playing the field. She turned down Philip because of him, but clearly he's not that serious about trying to form something exclusive. The suspicious EJ/ deer in the headlights Nicole stuff is played out, too.

Guess I'm too old/jaded to care about the teen angst. :sleep: Will and Mia are cute, but if they break up, they break up.

It's nice that Roman is getting some scenes, but is there anyone who's less qualified to give Steph advice about getting over Philip than he is? Thirty years later, and he'd still give anything to get Marlena back.

Rafe needs to stfu. What in the world is wrong with him? Since when are children interchangeable? Should he and Sami just forget Grace, because Sami has several other kids? I know some would say they already have. I guess when the truth comes out, Rafe will encourage Sami to let Nicole have Sydney, since Sami has Allie, and Nicole is childless.
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