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Aug 6 2009, 03:15 PM
Daily Spoilers

Monday, August 10th
Sami tells Nicole about Rafe leaving her; E.J. and Rafe almost come to blows; Chad catches Mia and Will in a kiss; Lexie, Theo and Abe visit Stefano.

Tuesday, August 11th
Daniel tries to visit Chloe; Hope and Bo are removed from Daniel's case; Kate worries that Chloe will recover; Maggie is confronted; Arianna and Rafe wonder if they should tell Sami the truth.

Wednesday, August 12th
Rafe moves out of Sami's place; Dr. Baker asks Nicole for more money; Kate confronts Victor; Ellen and Tracy take Ciara to the carnival; Daniel wants Lexie to try an experimental treatment on Chloe.

Thursday, August 13th
Ciara is lured into the forest; Rafe looks for information about Dr. Baker; Nicole asks Stefano for money to pay off Dr. Baker; E.J. makes a confession to Lexie; Stefano makes a mysterious phone call.

Friday, August 14th
Ellen can't find Ciara; Rafe runs into Sami; Arianna and Brady share a passionate kiss; Melanie and Nathan's date does not go as planned; Victor's reaction to Carlo's death surprises Philip.
Looking forward to Stefano/Lexie/Abe/Theo, Victor/Philip and Bo/Hope/Ciara. The rest sounds like the same shit we have been seeing for weeks.
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