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Halloween Family
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Aug 6 2009, 03:29 PM
It's going to take a long time for Melanie to overcome her childhood, but we don't need to hear that conversation every time she tries to go on a date.

The suspicious EJ/ deer in the headlights Nicole stuff is played out, too.

Guess I'm too old/jaded to care about the teen angst. :sleep: Will and Mia are cute, but if they break up, they break up.

Yeah, I hope they got this woe is me childhood crap out of the way, they are overdoing it like they did Nicole early on. It's a nice layer but use it sparingly.

EJ's shitty treatment of Nicole is stagnant too, if he's going to be abusive set that puppy on boil and just do it already.

I'm borderline on the teen stuff. I get a kick out of Tad, Chad and to a lesser extent Kinsy. But why did they have to ruin the purity of Wia by having Mia confess to Will she's not a virgin.
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