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Aug 6 2009, 06:14 PM
So Rafe thinks EJ shouldn't grieve his dead child because he has a living child? Charming. Since Sami has three living children, she should definitely not be wasting any time crying over Grace then.
Has Sami been crying over Grace? I guess I missed it while watching her fall in love like a giddy teenager.

I've been enjoying the show overall recently but am absolutely ready for the baby sl to come to an end. How many more times do we need to hear EJ get angry at Nicole for the absolute wrong reason. I love EJ but admit he has been douchetastic lately and I've been hoping Nicole would punch him in the head and leave him for good.

I used to hate Melanie but I've changed my mind as they are actually depicting her as the meddling, esteem crippled 18 year that she is. I hate to say it but I like Nathan and Melanie much better than Nate and Steph. Maggie with Mel is always good.

Shouty McYellerson Horton back in action and spitting truth was enjoyable. I loved his confrontation with Kate and laughed at his initial disbelief that Kate could possibly be behind the poisoning. Poor Lucas, cuckolded again.

The teens hold no interest for me and I agree whole heartedly about Kinsey. However I will say she portrays everything I hated about girls in high school accurately.

Carlos's shooting seemed really random but I have hope that it might turn out to be interesting and I like seeing the Kiriakis clan interact especially with Bo in the mix.

Just wondering if anyone knows why the entire cast is wardrobed in purple at any given time? It's not good.
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