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compared to mia, i actually like kinsey, and i think it's because she has a little life in her. when mia was watching will and kinsey talk, i really had no idea what was going on behind the blank door that is her face. was she angry? sad? jealous? constipated? who can tell? i love tad. love him. i wish he were on more often. he seems to have 'teenager' down pat better than any of the other kids.

melanie and nathan were awkward for me. i'm sorry, but it's really not normal behavior to spill your guts like melanie did to a guy you haven't even gone on an official date with. the childhood confession stuff comes much later in the dating process. i don't know, i know it's a soap, but if i were nathan, i would have run screaming. i guess if a person is wiling to moan and groan about their self-esteem issues before date number one, i kinda lose interest. but that's just me.

i'm so over ej in general. isn't there something he can be doing besides being angry at sami and suspicious of nicole? he needs a new storyline right away. i really can' take much more of this.

i'm curious about what arianna could be doing besides dealing drugs. i mean, she got baggies filled with white powder that she tasted. could she really be an undercover agent from the FDA, sampling shipments of pixie sticks? knowing this show, it's probable, but i hope it tuns out to be what it looks like--drugs.
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