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Aug 7 2009, 06:09 AM
melanie and nathan were awkward for me. i'm sorry, but it's really not normal behavior to spill your guts like melanie did to a guy you haven't even gone on an official date with. the childhood confession stuff comes much later in the dating process. i don't know, i know it's a soap, but if i were nathan, i would have run screaming. i guess if a person is wiling to moan and groan about their self-esteem issues before date number one, i kinda lose interest. but that's just me.
Tell me about it. I already despise Melanie and the continued ploys for sympathy on her part because of her ill-defined and conveniently-used backstory of pity are magically making me hate her even more, which I didn't think was possible. Not to mention Nathan honestly does not look interested in her at all. It just came off to me like a guy who feels sorry for his best buddy's pathetic loser kid sister who has a big crush on him and who can't get a date and he's scared she'll slash her wrists if he doesn't agree to take her to the movies. I would also mention that I don't recall lack of self-esteem being an issue for Melanie before.
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