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Whatever happened to Melanie going to nursing school? Maybe it hasn't started yet. Poor Nathan yesterday looked so disinterested in Melanie. And Stephanie telling Roman she had met somebody new - so much for being totally in love with Phillip. With the change in actresses playing Arianna coming up, I can't believe that she is really dealing drugs - she will turn out to be undercover as so many here speculate. Why bring on Lindsey Hartley for a role that could end up being short term if Ari was really a drug dealer. Oh, well, stranger things have happened as we know that true guilty people never get punished. I am among the viewers that can't stand Kinsey. Although I like Will and Mia, sometimes Mia looks like she doesn't know how to play a scene. Since she is still only 15 I wonder if she is uncomfortable in boy-girl stuff. Rafe bores me so the pairing of Rafe & Sami bore me too. I always though that the writers should have Sami evolve from the teenage brat that wanted her parents together, but she should never be another Marlena, Carrie or Belle. She needs a job. It's too bad she and maybe Brady aren't running Basic Black.
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