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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Aug 7 2009, 11:44 AM
Aug 7 2009, 10:58 AM
...Nathan honestly does not look interested in her at all. It just came off to me like a guy who feels sorry for his best buddy's pathetic loser kid sister who has a big crush on him and who can't get a date and he's scared she'll slash her wrists if he doesn't agree to take her to the movies. I would also mention that I don't recall lack of self-esteem being an issue for Melanie before.
That's because any guy Nathan's age or older (that means you Philip) placed in a scene with Melanie in that God awful candystriper uniform is going to look like he's talking to his buddy's kid sister, who's crushing on him. Get her out of the damn outfit!
Just so we're all clear, Drew...you're not a fan of the candy striper outfit? :lol: I tease...but I totally agree with you. Someone should tell the wardrobe department that the 1960s called and they want their outfit back. What's next? Nurse Maxine is going to walk around in one of those starched white uniforms with the little pill box nurses hat? :eyeroll:

Now...yesterday's show... The word of the day is AWKWARD.

I thought the convo between Stephanie and Roman was sweet, but awkward. As someone said earlier, shouldn't Roman be the LAST person she should be asking how you recover from a broken heart? That man has been pining for "Doc" for years.

I really love Nathan and I have grown to mostly love Melanie but together? Not so much? I wish they'd pick a personality for Melanie and stick with it. The downtrodden, tender hearted victim of her childhood thing just isn't sitting right - even if her childhood was a mess. I don't know - I can't figure out if they just aren't giving MB the proper direction for those scenes or what it is. But yeah...who tells a guy they are interested in that they don't feel worthy of them? Again...awkward.

Did anyone else think Mia's pronouncement that she's not a virgin in the middle of a crowded gym feel, oh...I don't know...maybe awkward? Poor Will. I think DP is doing a great job...but sometimes he cracks me up with his WTF??? facial expressions. It doesn't vary much regardless of the WTF moment - so it just hits me as funny. :lol:

And let's see...first Nicole gets to barge in on Safe's make out session so then we get to see her being repaid by Safe barging in on her cutesy kissing with EJ? Not really awkward...more like contrived. And WTF was Rafe's point exactly to EJ? I mean, I know he's successfully managed to get Sami to focus her attentions on him rather than Grace (or her living children, for that matter) but does he really think that because EJ has another baby he shouldn't give two shits about the one that died? Really??? And I could have almost gotten angry over that...but when the line is delivered in that barely above a monotone style I find it somehow has a numbing affect. But maybe that's just me. Although it did sort of seem to have the same affect on EJ. Rather than raging about it (which we all know EJ is prone to do) he was more like :huh1: :blink:
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