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Aug 7 2009, 12:37 PM
Whatever happened to Melanie going to nursing school? Maybe it hasn't started yet.
It has. They mentioned it a few times already when she talked about all the books she had and how hard the teacher or whomever was being on her.

As for Friday's episode, how cute was that trivia segment with Abe and Theo? Adorable!

I don't think I can ever get into the Will/Mia/Chad stuff. I like Will and Mia but Chad just doesn't look right with them. It's way too noticeable. The actor playing Chad is good IMO but he looks too old to be hanging around Will and Mia. I don't usually care about age if the chemistry is there and it works but considering Mia (and the actress that plays her is under 18 and so is Will (and the actor who plays him) and the actor playing Chad is clearly older, it just looks wrong IMO. The Will/Mia kiss was sweet.

Arianne Zucker rocked in that scene with EJ where she recalled losing her own child.

Ali Sweeney is looking great the past few episodes as well. Glad the Sami/Rafe stuff is picking up. Ali and Galen were great today IMO. Loved the ending with Sami and Nicole. They work great as friends. Sure, they were allies before but that was played for comedy. I really like what I'm seeing and the impact of the baby switch reveal will really be amped up with their newfound friendship.

I'm enjoying seeing more of an edge to Lucas again but I hope that when he learns for sure that Kate did what she did that he cuts her off completely, at least for awhile. Enjoyed Bo/Daniel and Daniel/Victor too. The part with Chloe whispering Daniel's name was stupid. She's in a coma, for heaven's sake. I like this story and Chloe/Daniel but the whole "destined lovers" thing is being laid on too thick at times.

I was also happy that the good news Abe and Lexie got about Theo that we all read about in spoilers was not that his autism was cured or something similar. With Higley's influence all but nonexistent and with the autism story hardly being played since last Fall, when I read that spoiler I worried that they would cure him and that would've been downright insulting. They didn't and I'm glad. The kindergarten thing was realistic and I liked it because at least they still feel the need to bother to update us on Theo's development. Maybe Higley was allowed to throw that out there this week LOL.

All in all, an ok show and a pretty decent week.
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