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Viewing Single Post From: EJ wising up on 'Days of Our Lives'

Aug 7 2009, 01:08 PM
Ari is hilarious with that I didn't get a boob job comment LOL.

This was a cool interview. I think Dr. Baker will end up dead and that envelope exposing everything that he left with a colleague back in May will come into play. I think that and Mia's journal will play a role in all this somehow. Either that or their red herrings but we'll see.
Looks like Rafe is definitely starting to put things together. He will be there when Dr. Baker calls next week and today he will interrupt the conversation between Mia and Will thus discover she is no longer virgin. I think he will decide to confront Dr. Baker, but finds him dead and that will confirm something is seriously bad.

I donīt think the journal will play a role in the revelation because that would be too easy. I think the journal is there for a separate story with Mia, Will and Chad. He wants to discover what Miaīs secret is and he will probably use it to try to win/blackmail her back.
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