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SocR, I feel the same about Melanie's candystriper uniform. I have one I used when I was fifteen. If the show wants to move Melanie into the next age group, get her out of that childish getup.

I hate Sami thinking Nicole is her friend. Back when Nicole was fun, I loved them working together as frenemies. But back then, Sami knew what was going on. In the craptastic faux friendship, Sami thinks Nicole is some alstruistic woman empathizing with another mother. HA! Every single move by Nicole has been self-serving. When Sami finds out Nicole "played" her and actually stole her baby daughter, Nicole will be lucky if she has a hair left on her head.

And I think Sami and Rafe stink. At the very least, Sami should be interesting to watch even if don't like what she is saying or doing at the moment. Sami has rarely ever been a bore until the suckhole of SAFE arrived. Even Rafe leaving Sami today was anitclimactic. Where is the freaking emotion GG? No matter what the motivation, the scenes are all the same, totally lacking in anything to draw in the viewer. It's like he is reading off cue cards words he has never seen before. Frankly I think Rafe has been a total tool about Grace and anything that regards EJ. No matter what, that idiot is not any baby's father and he has no right to lecture EJ about how to feel or grieve considering that he was instrumental in EJ not knowing about Grace.

BD sure has been looking great the last few days! Too bad Lucas is the loser again. And how weird is it that Lucas doesn't seriously consider that Kate may have done this? Hello, this is Kate. I know he hates Daneil, with good reason, but of the two, Kate and Daniel, my money would always go to Kate for doing whatever in the name of "love".

It is so nice to see that EJ, at long last, may be getting a clue or two. Now, can he put them together? How long will EJ continue to let Nicole fog every confrontation situation by turning it back on him? Sigh, James looks so good. Hopefully before long, smart EJ will be reunited with handsome EJ.

Once the storyline stalls end, I hope that show will pickup and motivate me to watch every day.

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