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I see so much more chemistry between Chad and Mia, rather than Will and Mia. In Mia's scenes with Will, I think they're so dry. It's boring. Nothing's happening. But when she shares scenes with Chad, she seems to come alive. There are sparks. The chemistry is there. And I don't think Chad looks too old for Mia or Will or Kinsey. He looks like he fits in right with them.

On the other hand, I think Will has more chemistry with Kinsey than Mia. Go figure.

And then there's poor Tad, or T as he's called now that the dumbass writers forgot they had a character that already rhimed with Chad when they named him. He's all alone. I like him though.

But back to Chad. I like him too. I just wish he would've been Andrew Donovan, or maybe one of Justin and Adrienne's boys. I like him and I want to enjoy the character, but I really don't care about him and I think it's because he has no staying power right now. There's no family bond there that cements him as part of the canvas. He just needs more of a connection to Salem other than Mia and Kinsey.
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