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I don't think I can ever get into the Will/Mia/Chad stuff. I like Will and Mia but Chad just doesn't look right with them. It's way too noticeable. The actor playing Chad is good IMO but he looks too old to be hanging around Will and Mia. I don't usually care about age if the chemistry is there and it works but considering Mia (and the actress that plays her is under 18 and so is Will (and the actor who plays him) and the actor playing Chad is clearly older, it just looks wrong IMO. The Will/Mia kiss was sweet.

(newbie chiming in)

ICAM about Chad the actor playing him is doing a great job of playing a SOB but he is glaringly too old to be part of the teen scene. When you see Mia/Will and even that Thad guy they all look around the same age Chad sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm looking forward to the Will & Mia kiss they are just so adorable together.

I have no use for Rafe and I was like ARE YOU FOR REAL when he yapped to EJ to basically just shut up and leave Sami alone b/c you still have Sydney. LIke EJ isn't entitled to be outraged over what happened.
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