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I would like to see Sami and Nicole become friends eventually, and it looks like it could be heading that way.Me too. If they form some type of friendship it will make the reveal a little less predictable in how Sami is going to react. I dont ever remember Sami and Nicole as frenemies, I remember them more as enemies teaming up for a common goal.

i'm curious about what arianna could be doing besides dealing drugs. i mean, she got baggies filled with white powder that she tasted. could she really be an undercover agent from the FDA, sampling shipments of pixie sticks? knowing this show, it's probable, but i hope it tuns out to be what it looks like--drugs. Well, I had a long shot theory of her intercepting unconstituted antibiotics from the hospital and shipping them to the needy, a robin hood type angle, but I dont think one would dip their finger in it to taste it. I guess I was hoping for more of a murky character in Ari rather than a simple black/white, good guy bad guy thing, but if those are the only options I hope Ari is a bad guy.

The last half of today's episode had some good lines of dialogue. Dan to Bo: "as a doctor you win awards, save lives but when it comes down to it, in the end your a flight risk." Rafe to Sami: "I cant just sit here and defend myself against that look." And the way Alison said "I'm asking YOU!" was great. BD did well in his "I'm not forgiving you" speech to Chloe, he played it well with his subdued anger.

I agree with those who say there's more chemistry with Mia and Chad but I still am not keen on Chad getting too involved. The actor is good and I think he looks like a teenager but I do have a problem with kissing/love scenes between 15 yo and 22 yo actors. I thought Will and Mia were nice and bland with a touch of sweetness, I hope they stay that way.

Ari was wonderful today and looked great but I kept thinking she was getting ready to workout with her tank top and hair all pinned up which I loved. I wish they would stop this nonsense of having Nicole say stupid shit like "but I lost a baby too" and whatever that line was she said to EJ today about Sami not losing her baby. EJ just looks like a total asshole with his interogations of Nicole. For gosh sakes EJ, be a Dimera and just have her tailed and tap her cell phone, anything! At least he was courteous enough to leave Nicole a msg forewarning her of further tongue lashings.
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