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Credit where credit's due, Rafe actually had some good advice for Will. I know the purpose of this was to give Rafe the scandalous dirt on Mia, but it's weird that we've gotten WiJ and Wafe scenes but Lucas hasn't seen Will since the day he told him to stay away from Mia. Or the day they talked for two minutes on the pier before Lucas ran off to have a five minute scene with Sami. Can't remember which came first.

It really looks bad for Lucas to go and rant and rave at Chloe, knowing there's a possibility that it'll harm her. Isn't the coma and the arrest of Dan enough?

I like Nicole, but layers and all that aside, I don't care for this direction with her as the fount of wisdom trying to help EJ see the light. It's supposed to be redemptive, but it's disgusting for her to stand there telling EJ that he's causing Sami's pain, and comforting Sami, when she is the one who set this whole mess in motion, and is raising Sami's child. All these little steps she's taking to help Sami are too little, too late, and laughable considering considering the scope of what she's done.

A bit of the old Sami came back today. That was good, but instead of standing around crying she should realize that if Rafe really is a killer, she and her kids are better off. Isn't that why she had to hide Grace from the Dimeras?
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