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Aug 6 2009, 08:03 PM
EJ should have punched Rafe for basically telling him he had no right to grieve his child! HE'S the one that kept her away from him! HE'S the reason EJ didn't get to know her while she was living! (putting aside the fact that she's not really his just for a second here). He has every right to grieve. Sami had ever right to get angry when he did it without saying anything to her. Those events were plausible and right for me. It killed me that Rafe got involved and said what he said. He had no right to get involved.
I don't think Rafe ever said that EJ should not grieve for Grace. I believe what he said was that EJ should appreciate what he has and quit tormenting Sami over the loss of Grace.
Why are we blaming Rafe for Sami's not telling EJ about Grace? This was Sami's idea from the beginning. Rafe even told her in WP not to keep the father from knowing, but Sami insisted. Now, it is Rafe's fault? All he did, by Sami's own admission to her father, was to keep her secret for her. He didn't suggest she hide who Grace's real fathe was--- Sami did that.
Rafe was just standing up for the woman he loves. It was when EJ told them to get out of his house in 5 seconds, that Rafe told him if you ever pull another stunt like that, there will be hell to pay for it.
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