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Aug 7 2009, 09:14 PM
Aug 7 2009, 06:40 PM

I like Nicole, but layers and all that aside, I don't care for this direction with her as the fount of wisdom trying to help EJ see the light. It's supposed to be redemptive, but it's disgusting for her to stand there telling EJ that he's causing Sami's pain, and comforting Sami, when she is the one who set this whole mess in motion, and is raising Sami's child. All these little steps she's taking to help Sami are too little, too late, and laughable considering considering the scope of what she's done.
I read it completely differently. I don't think she's doing it in a redemptive way, and she's not trying to help Sami. It's all still self serving. She want's E.J. to drop it, to move on and stop obsessing about Sami and Grace, and to stop meddling in the situation and asking questions that might lead to her being uncovered. E.J is just not the type to give up on obsessions. Not gonna happen.
if that's true, then why did she bother to tell sami about the tombstone, or help her get custody of johnny? i'm not saying nicole is a saint by any stretch, but not everything she does makes sense if you assume everything she does is self-serving. she had nothing to gain by helping sami in either of those situations. and actually, if you really think about it, the best thing for her to do if she wants to keep ej's suspicions at bay is for her to hate sami as much as he does. what makes him suspicious is the way nicole constantly sticks up for sami.

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