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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: EJ says, "I still love Sami!"

Aug 8 2009, 12:02 PM
Aug 8 2009, 11:01 AM
It was not any form of gloating when Sami told EJ about Grace, she was sad, sorrowful and regretful, until he began to say she was deluded and gloat himself that HIS daughter was home, safe, happy and healthy. That was when Sami lost it.

i'm not trying to be rude, but did you even see the scene where sami told ej about grace? nothing about sami's attitude was sad or sorrowful towards ej. she smirked the entire time. i also didn't see ej gloating about sydney. he was devastated and in shock, and sami used the whole thing as an opportunity to insult him in an attempt to make herself feel better about the terrible thing SHE did. she didn't show one iota of sadness or regret for what she did to ej. i really don't give a flip how bad or mean the guy is, there is no excuse for what sami did, and the way she chose to break the news to ej about it. all i saw during that scene was a woman that was angry about something bad that happened, and decided to lash out at the only person she could make feel as badly as she felt herself. there's no reason in the world why ej would want to be with a woman who not only delights in making him feel like crap, but thinks he's so despicable that a perfect stranger would make a more suitable father than he would.

i also strongly disagree with the idea that sami somehow 'forgot' about all the bad things ej did until she turned up pregnant. i am sorry, but that is ridiculous. most of ej's crimes were committed before sami climbed into bed with him last year, and she knew about most of them, so it's not as if ej was some prince in her mind up until the moment sami witnessed the mayor's murder. she knew what kind of a man he was, and she slept with him(presumably sans birth control) anyway. so no, i have no sympathy for sami whatsoever.
What and EXCELLENT post! :rockon: :cheer: :applause: :applause:

100% correct.

On a separate note, EJ's character is written and rewritten all the time. He is a gray character, so I'm sure that they'll "redeem" him again soon. Ejami rocks! TPTB finally seem to get it.
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