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Monday, August 10th
Arianna confronts Rafe about giving up on love; Chad brings up his move to Salem High and realizes Mia never told Will; Sami pours her heart out to Nicole about Rafe leaving her; Rafe and EJ nearly come to blows; Sydney's half-birthday is celebrated.

Tuesday, August 11th
Victor sends for someone to help Daniel's case; Daniel tries to visit Chloe in the hospital; Lucas confronts Maggie about lying to him about Chloe and Daniel's affair; the DA removes Bo and Hope from Daniel's case; Sami tells Lucas about Rafe's past.

Wednesday, August 12th
Rafe overhears Nicole saying Dr. Baker's name and seeks out more information; Kate confronts Victor over his legal efforts on Daniel's behalf; Bo drops off Ciara at a carnival; Daniel asks Lexie to try an experimental treatment on Chloe.

Thursday, August 13th
Lexie asks EJ if he is still in love with Sami, and he confesses his torn feelings; Bo has another vision of finding Ciara's teddy bear in the woods; Nicole tells Stefano she needs $100K to pay Dr. Baker to keep quiet.

Friday, August 14th
Bo discovers his visions to be true when he finds Ciara's bear in the forest; the bosses are impressed with how fast Arianna is moving their product; Philip is stunned by Victor's cold-hearted reaction to Carlo's death; Arianna and Brady go for a swim.
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