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Aug 8 2009, 04:40 PM
Aug 8 2009, 08:17 AM
My guess is Ej n Sami might get back together but it'll be SAFE that end up together. Sami will go into some deep, i don't deserve any better, mode and go back to Ej until she can't fight her feelings for Rafe anymore. Ej will end up trying to keep them apart and they'll be some good jealousy moments between Rafe n Ej. Then Sami will find out Ej lied and run back to Rafe, only Rafe will hesitate but eventually give in. It's the same basic storyline every soap uses. But Safe will end up back together after her little fling with Ej and he'll turn even more evil, especially when Safe end up planning their wedding in November (not sure if the wedding goes off but def planned) . I'll be sure to do the "I told ya so dance" in December.
Do you really think all of that will happen in time for a wedding THIS November? With the pacing and plotting of this show? Highly unlikely, I would say.
My guess is come this November EJami will just be finding out the truth about Sydney and their reuniting will begin in earnest. I agree with others that are speculating that Nicole will run with Sydney - and in their quest to find her EJami will find their way back to one another. And honestly...other than the initial part of that, I just don't see Rafe having much to do with the story long term. My guess is he'll be paired off with someone else down the road as they do seem intent on keeping GG aboard. Who knows? Maybe Rafe and Chloe could get together - the acting skills would be a match made in heaven.
Sami hid Sydney's existence from EJ until she was born. She didn't want EJ raising 'Grace/Sydney'. She thinks EJ is a vindictive SOB if we just use the latest quote. Why do you think the knowledge that Sydney is Sami's will change Sami into wanting a romantic relationship with EJ? I don't get the logic at all. And this article only talks about EJ's feelings - it doesn't even give a tiny hint to say that Sami will be returning any of these feelings. Sami clearly loves Rafe.
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