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Sami could have used Birth Control. So could EJ. They didn't. Again, misdeeds of the past that cannot be changed are really irrelevant as well. EJ wanted to get Sami pregnant on the 12-29 night to get stem cells for his father. Apparently, EJ never cares about BC since he did not ask or offer for Nicole either. And EJ bought the judge after Sami DID threaten to leave and take Johnny. She was under a court order not to leave with the boy.

EJ has power and uses it. I will give a point to the fact that Sami should have been calling her mother for funds to fight in court herself. But then that would not fit the plot points of this story, and neither would Sami pulling out her little round box to take a pill either.

Sami could have just aborted the child as well. She did not. Numerous times she did try to tell EJ, and got beat out by Nicole. Sami had said she did not want EJ to want her just for the baby. Nicole does not care why or how EJ wants her. Nicole is also more willing to let Stefano have control of Sydney, or is she? If Nicole runs with Sydney, then she is also guilty of keeping EJ from his baby right? She would be hiding his child from him? For about the same reasons I would wager. Good for her on the motive, but she still does not deserve to keep the baby that is Sami's.
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