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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Aug 8 2009, 10:35 PM
Per the story line, Sami and EJ were living in the mansion because they did not have the funds to stay in their apartments. Lucas went skipping off to jail without making any provisions for Sami and his daughters finanacial care. EJ, the trust fund baby was cut off without a dime by this same Daddy who he now kisses the foot of. Marlena was aware of the situation, as was Roman but I did not see either of them offer money to Sami so she could live on her own.

Sami did not want Lucas to have full custody of Allie because of his silly treatment of his parole conditions. Sami was also at the time being discussed helping EJ (so she thought) stay in the country where he could be a father to Johnny.

EJ lied, deceived, used another woman to his own ends, then impregnated that same woman according to the show almost the same day he impregnated Sami. He is vile. Why in the world do people think Sami has to show her love for him? If she does love him, and she may very well have those feelings, why is it imperative that she show it? This man is unworthy of anyones love but Stefano's and Nicoles.

Sami willingly made love to a man who she did not know was lying once again to her, a man who eventually would choose the DiMera legacy over her. Sami made a mistake which she has now tried to correct. Will she suceed? Will she succumb to his charms once again? I do not know, all I know is to my way of thinking, she has done nothing wrong in trying to protect another child from being subjugated to the will of Stefano.
EJ never chose being a DiMera over Sami. When he went to see Sami at the cabin to talk about his 'disaster' with Nicole she encouraged him to follow his 'fate' with Nicole. EJ made it very clear that he always tbought he and Sami were meant to be together. Later, he practically begged Sami not to go to WP but to come stay at the mansion where he would make sure she was protected. She declined. She was against going to WP until Lucas pointed out that it would buy her time in hiding her pregnancy and Sami jumped at that chance. So at that moment, she was hiding the pregnancy from a man who had gone to her (without knowing she was pregnant with his child) and made it clear that he would prefer to be with her over the woman the both knew was carrying his child; the man she had admitted to Lucas she didn't want to choose her 'because of the baby'; the man she woke up dreaming about while in bed with Lucas and the same man who had just saved her life by jumping in the way of the bullet the hit man had aimed at her head. At that point in time, Sami had no valid reason to hide her pregnancy from EJ. Basically, it comes down to shitty writing and it completely threw the character of Sami under the bus.
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