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I must disagree. Sami begged EJ to leave with her and the twins after the hospital lockup purple poison haze. He refused. Being in the DiMera home with its air of power was more important to him than Sami and the kids. Also, at the same hospital he told Nicole that his kissing Sami felt as if he was cheating on Nicole. His preferring to stay in the DiMera Mansion was a way of choosing his heritage as a DiMera over Sami and his children. Also the fact that EJ could go from one minute telling Sami his life was a disaster to dipping his wick once more in the pool of the disaster within an hour of leaving Sami is disgusting. He is disgusting due to that very act. As Sami once told him, to him women are interchangeable, put a paper bag on their head and no one can tell the difference in the dark. In that regard he is much like his father. That is what is wrong with EJ now, and that is why Sami has no reason to feel guilty. Her act was an act of keeping Grace from the clutches of Stefano. Something I think Nicole is going to understand very soon.

The day EJ begins to see his part in this and decides he wants to be a man again, is the day he may get Sami to look at him with something other than pity and scorn. Right now, EJ is not a man, he is a good looking wimp. Not a very attractive combination.
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