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Aug 5 2009, 06:42 PM
WOW,thats the week of birthday,sound like a snoozer compared to Stefano releasing vapors in the hospital making everyone hallucinate like last year.
so, so, true.

My how she has upped the interest level by bringing in Rafe and Adriana :puke: Brady was a mildly interesting fellow until he hooked up with Miss Nostrils. I don't care how many times Higley tries to put Phillip with Stephanie or Melanie. I don't care. Try Mia next. Is Ciara too young by her standards. Philip is a divorced Dad that has done two tours of duty in Iraq. He must have some sparkling and witty conversations with these two. They are what passes for female companionship on days now.

Can someone tell me why we should give a crap about the Sammi/E.J./Nicole and Rafe crap anymore. And stop dressing Sammi like she works in Walmart. And don't say it's because she is in mourning either, because she wore bright yellow the other day. I think Higley is so jealous of Alison Sweeney that she lives to sabotage her career and her character. If Michael Jackson had watched this show he might have been able to perfect the self-induced coma without drugs and still be alive. Is Kate alive? She looks like metal is going to pop out of her body ala the Terminator, at any moment. Sit a toddler in front of the screen when she is on and the kid will know the meaning of true fear.
rant over.
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