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i really loved that stefano called nicole out, asking her if she wanted a gold star because she regrets what she did. i kind of agree in a round-about way--nicole either needs to shit or get off the pot. i love nicole, but if she's really sorry, she'll just admit what she did. she's clearly not that sorry, so i liked stefano's attitude that nicole would have to choose ruining her own life if she wanted to do right by sami.

i also feel sorry for sami. it was hard watching her scenes with nicole. it's so rare for sami to trust and confide in a woman, and i have to admit i'm a sucker for female friendships. i like it when the girls confide in each other. so it's hard watching sami befriend her when i know she's going to be crushed by nicole's deception later.

is is just me or was the abe and lexie stuff totally random for anyone else? it's like the show forgot about them as a family unit for a few months and are trying to reintroduce them. i thought it was weird.

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