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The Lexie stuff is and isn't random to me. It's strange that she hasn't cut off all ties to Stefano and EJ due to various reasons, I could buy her being torn more if she had had a more solid relationship with these two in the past. It's also weird to celebrate half birthdays but I guess people do it. I think it's the writers way of reminding us that Grace and Syd were conceived at the same time and are the same age, I think this will come into play later.

The best thing that could happen to Theo is to have Stefano raise him. Lexie freaked out more over the toy than Theo did. I liked Stefano in these scenes today, it shows him as ruthless but also human.

Love nurturing Nicole! The scene between Sami and Nicole had some good elements at play, much better than the Chloe-Nicole relationship.

EJ, EJ, EJ...he sure is a prize. What would an episode be like without EJ demanding where Nicole has been, yelling at her, or his 20 questions.
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