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Oh Lucas. You made Aunt Maggie cry! Great scene! I do feel for Lucas as everything has been such an embarrassment to his character. i love his anger.
And holy crap! I couldn't put my finger on why I can't get into Safe, but when I saw Lumi today, it became clear. AS doesn't need to sell Lumi...she is relaxed, they are fun together and adlib well with each other. When she is with Safe, she is trying so hard to sell them that it seems forced. I know AS and GG are friends, but with BD, they come off as such a team. When Lucas isn't constantly yelling at Sami, I think I am a fan of Lumi...moreso than Safe.
BD looked great today too in that suit. Not sure why he is in a suit, but he wore it well. Loved their conversation about Chloe.
And I think that Sami's interest in Emily is more about her being nosy and needing to know everything than fearing her/her kids safety.
And Rafe and Arianna's conversation confirmed that Rafe is covering for Ari over him being a murderer. I am so over Rafe's big secret. So dumb.

Why is Joe Isuzu working at the Salem PD? I did finally love a Bope scene, even the one with Victor. And Justin's entrance was pretty cool. I forgot that today was his first day.

And of course, i am still loving Dr. Daniel's quest for the truth and Kate's little digs...it will get old though if it doesn't progress.

Good show today.
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