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Aug 11 2009, 10:09 PM
CDN TV Guide Spoilers

Stefano believes that he has control over the tests; Rafe tries to piece together the night of Grace's birth; Chad learns Mia is flying solo to a party.

Sami questions Rafe about his suspicions; Nicole ignores an important phone call; Chad confronts Mia.
Stefano believes that hes in control over the test? Since when has Stefano ever had control over anything?Everything hes ever done has fell thru, hell hes got Nicole out there goin back in forth telling Sami what is goin on and being her best friend. Nicole is defeating the purpose of what hes doing! And tell me how Rafe is gonna piece together the night Grace was born, he was not even there. If hes that good of a FBI Agent,they should have never fired him,of did they? Hes still acting like hes on the job, he might be for that matter!

With Sami questioning Rafe about his suspicions shes not gonna let up asking those questions is she? If they are broke up, i dont see it for being long. They cant stay away from one another. Besides he didnt want to leave when he did, although hes left i dont know how many times only to return. I see him coming back before too long,he always does. ;)
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