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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Rafe Gets a Clue!

Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features a short interview with Galen Gering.

Gering explains to SOD that Rafe continues to investigate Grace's death, because Rafe wants to find the connection between Grace, Sami, Dr. Baker and Nicole. Rafe goes to the clinic where Grace and Sydney were born. The clinic is now closed, but Rafe goes into the office of the clinic and sees a computer. He tries to log on to the computer, but he doesn't have the password.

Rafe then looks in the desk drawer and sees pamphlets about the Dominican Republic and gambling. Then, a nurse who used to work at the clinic arrives. Gering explains, "[Rafe] has arranged, through a blog, to meet her. She has the password to the computer, and lo and behold, all the files that were in there have been deleted, at least the ones to do with Nicole DiMera." The article continues that all that remains in the computer are "codes", and the nurse can discern from the codes that there was some sort of problem with Nicole's baby.

Rafe shows the nurse Nicole's photo, but the nurse does not recognize Nicole. However, the nurse does recognize Sami and EJ. Gering says that this "confirms for [Rafe] that someone is trying to cover something up". Rafe decides to go to the Dominican Republic...

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