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This week's SOW features an interview with Kristian Alfonso.

Bo and Hope find Ciara's teddy bear in the woods. SOW says that Hope had taken the bear away from Ciara because of Bo's vision. Bo gets upset at Hope because he thinks she gave the bear back to Ciara, but Hope tells Bo she didn't.

Later, Ellen and her daughter Tracy come to the police station. Ellen tells Bo and Hope that she gave Ciara the teddy bear, which just happens to look like Ciara's other bear. Tracy tells them that a man at Ciara's birthday party gave Ciara candy. Alfonso says, "All of a sudden, it clicks! ... The kidnapper was there."

A ransom note is delivered asking for money. Alfonso explains that Hope is "devastated", because she thinks this may be related to her charity donation. But then, Hope thinks that this may be related to the DiMera/Brady feud. Alfonso explains, "Who do the DiMeras hate more than anybody? The Bradys. And now they hate the Kiriakises, too." Hope thinks that since Bo is both a Brady and a Kiriakis, maybe this is why Ciara was abducted.

Victor comes to the police station willing to provide ransom money. Bo and Hope receive instructions that Hope must come alone and unarmed. Alfonso says that Bo wants to send Hope with surveillance, because he thinks Hope is walking into a trap. Bo and Hope argue, and as Alfonso says, "Hope insists she's going and tells Bo not to follow her. Bo finally gives her the ransom money and the directions. The last thing he says to Hope is, 'Make sure you come back, and come back with our daughter.'"

However, while Hope is on her way to the prearranged meeting place, Bo has another vision! In his vision, the money is given to the kidnappers, and Ciara dies. Bo shows up and tells Hope the meeting is off. At first, he doesn't tell Hope he's had a vision, but she soon realizes, and he tells her what the vision was.

Bo tells Hope that they can't pay a ransom. Alfonso says that "this causes a huge rift between [Bo and Hope]. Hope tries to explain to Bo that not all his visions have come true and that they can't live by them."

Hope gets a phone call about a new meeting place, but Bo takes the phone and says there will be no meeting. Alfonso says that "if something happens to Ciara, Hope tells Bo she will never forgive him."

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