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This week's SOD features an interview with Molly Burnett, and this week's SOW features an interview with Jay Kenneth Johnson.

Philip and Victor have an argument, and Philip quits Titan. Melanie and Stephanie have both told Philip that they believe in him and that he can cut ties with Victor. Johnson tells SOW that "Philip is very much in love with [Stephanie]", and Stephanie can't handle his being part of what the Kiriakis family is doing. Johnson says, "It's a tough decision. Philip's living in this nice house and he's got lots of money, but after everything that has happened over the past couple of months, he realizes [this life] isn't for him."

Philip and Victor have what SOW calls "a huge discussion about morals". Johnson says that Philip "can't believe the same blood is running through their veins", and Philip decides to leave the family.

Philip leaves Stephanie a voicemail hinting at what he did, but then Philip runs into her and sees her with Nathan. Philip punches Nathan, and Stephanie is furious and says she wants nothing to do with Philip. So, as SOD says, "[Philip] turns to Melanie."

Philip takes Melanie to a rundown motel, where they have sex. Molly Burnett laughs and says, "Melanie has been in love with Philip from day one, they're both hurt and they're both drawn to each other, and Philip didn't have to convince her too much."

The next morning, Philip tells Melanie he has no regrets. Melanie is hoping the relationship will continue, but when Philip goes home, Stephanie comes to see him. Victor had seen Stephanie with Nathan, and Victor had yelled at her for being with someone else when Philip had finally cut ties with the family.

Stephanie tells Philip that she loves him, and she hopes they can get back together. Melanie arrives and overhears this, but Philip asks Melanie to give him some privacy with Stephanie. Melanie assumes Philip is going to tell Stephanie that he's with Melanie, but unfortunately for her, Philip and Stephanie decide to reconcile.

Philip later tells Melanie that he is going to get back together with Stephanie. He asks Melanie to keep the fact that they had sex a secret. Burnett says, "What a butthead! Philip just goes right back to Stephanie. Big shock." Burnett continues that Melanie expected this, in a way. "I'm sure on some level, she knew this wasn't for the long term. She's heartbroken, but she kind of lets it happen." Melanie is happy that "people are finally liking her in Salem", so she's willing to let this go.

However, what Philip and Melanie don't know is that the motel owner has taped what went on in their motel room...

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