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it's obsessive and weird to be investigating the death of a child when a) she died in a hospital of documented meningitis, b) you had no relation to her whatsoever, and c) her biological parents have accepted her death and moved on as best they can.

i have to wonder how great of a guy rafe is for sami when he keeps stirring up this kind of shit. i mean, yes, we all know that nicole has sami's real baby, but rafe doesn't know that, or know that anything untoward happened. he's just suspicious because nicole was upset over grace dying. the fact that he has never once discussed this with sami, but is hell-bent on digging into it is odd. what makes it a bit psychotic is that he gets all angry and bristly when someone (god forbid) questions him about his past, but if it has to do with sami, he thinks he has carte blanche to pry and sneak around all he wants. for all he knows, there IS a connction between nicole, sami and dr. baker, but it could totally be innocuous. rafe wouldn't know because he has never once talked to sami about it.

like i said, if sami is involved, that is one thing, but it sounds from this article as if rafe is investigating this on his own without her knowledge. and that to me is questionable.
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