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:D :D :D I'm still smiling over the LUMI scenes. :D :D :D
AS and BD remind us once again why LUMI are awesomeness. They are so effortless, fun, sweet, funny, relaxed, and have chemistry up the wazoo!! LOVE them!! :D I want more. :D
The second best part of yesterday's show was Justin just strolling in ... :D eek! I got a little goose-bumping and my tummy did a flippity flop! I just ADORE WK (watched GH for a million years, but knew him as Justin first). :wub: He's so adorable. :wub:

I felt a little weird about the Sole scenes - on one hand I love that my two favorite female characters were having these bonding, emotional moments - and I am kind of loving the growth that they are both experiencing now - but on the other hand I'm kind of like, what da? Its just weird. I love snarky Sole - but I think I kind of like them as friends too ... I can't decide. I am almost hoping that because EJ continues to be a royal asshole to Nicole on a daily basis, and that she is getting closer with Sami, and torn to shreds by her guilt, that maybe she will ultimately give Sydney to Sami and tell her the truth, maybe give her some info on EJ too, or something, to give her an advantage so that EJ can't keep her from her ... IDK, I'm dreaming, I know, but I just would love it if Nicole AND Sami could somehow come out of this story better off. But then again, the Ejole fan in me is still hoping for EJ to get his head out of his ass and get back to being cute and sexy with his wife instead of the scowling dickwad who is so entitled and self-important that he misses Sydney's half-birthday cake, but is mad that Nicole was out the following day and missed Abe and Lexie's appearance .. wth? Stupid. Whatever. I think EJ is back on the unredeemable train anyway, Nicole however, still has a chance.
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