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Aug 12 2009, 02:23 PM
But you need the visions. Itīs the only way how to make Bo react so unusual. Otherwise he would never stopped Hope, he would followed her and next tried to take all the guys just himself. We know the show would never dare to kill Ciara after Zack, so the story would turn into another Bo and Hope try to save things, Hope is eventually kidnapped too and Bo saves the day story.

This is much better. It reminds me the movie Ransom with Mel Gibson, but he was motivated by his hard and long background in high business. Bo needs some external motivator why he is suddenly reacting so OTT and the vision gives perfectly good explanation. No matter how far fetched they are itīs not something he can ignore.

That shows you how lazy the writers are. Instead of coming up with a realistic reason why Bo would react the way he is, they have to write in these ridiculous visions as his motivation. Stupid!
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