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Aug 12 2009, 02:43 PM
I'm not against Rafe, or anyone else, being the one solve the story, and reunite Syd with Sami, but of all the players, he's an odd choice, and as someone else said, that long list of people who haven't figured various things out is happening because they're being written out of character. Taking EJ for example, this man ran circles around Salem, and outsmarted everyone, but he doesn't realize his 'pregnant' fiancee is "with rubber" instead of with child? No one is that stupid. Nicole tried to threaten Mia into keeping quiet by telling her she'd go to jail for selling Sydney, and she wasn't buying it, then suddenly she changed her mind again. There's no good reason why Rafe is the only person with a bit of common sense in this story. Except to prop him, of course.
agreed. it's just silly to me that this show has invented umpteen ways for nicole to be outed in the past six months, but instead of using one of them, the characters with a vested interest in all this are dumbed down to make rafe the hero. i don't like that. it's not that i don't want the baby switch to be revealed, because i do, but for me, it would be far more satisfying to see ej and sami figure this out. maybe even mia. i'd have loved to see chloe and brady put their heads together and combine the information each of them knew. anything like that involving the people directly involved in this storyline so far would have been suitable. instead, TPTB decides to involve rafe who has no freaking connection to any of this whatsoever except for the fact that in his addled brain, he feels like he's grace's real father.

i just don't see what kind of satisfaction the audience is supposed to get out of rafe finding out the truth, especially considering what a total asshole he has been about sami asking for info on his own mysterious background.
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