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Aug 12 2009, 02:42 PM
Because we already saw many of kidnapping Bope stories where Bo reacted in character. Itīs not interesting anymore. We know Bo is a hothead and he will violate every cops recommendation, we know he will tell Hope to stay away from it but because she is stubborn she will follow him and eventually ends in danger/kidnapped too, and finally we know the show will never kill her, Bo or Ciara so Bo will save the day at the end (again) and everything will be as before.

The visions are a violation of the rules which gives the story a chance to swith into a diffrent and less explored route. We never saw Bo reacts this way before and that makes it interesting.
Well, "interesting" is a matter of opinion, so we'll just have to disagree on that. But I agree with what DrewHamilton and Mason are saying. The writers seem to be starting with a needed ending (I'd guess, Bo and Hope's relationship becoming strained, and enter Carly). As a means to that end, they're using the visions as a plot device. I think the visions come off as silly, but besides that, I don't think they're even keeping Bo and Hope in character given the visions. Would Bo and Hope really not be able to work out this issue in their marriage at this point? Really? I think they would.

If the writers are for some reason set on using the visions (which is a mistake, I think), they should have thought the whole thing through. Wouldn't Bo try to talk to someone about these visions? Why is he just taking it as a given that he's suddenly psychic? Wouldn't Hope think it's a little strange that someone she's been married to for so long would suddenly have this happen to him? Where were his visions when Zach was run over?

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